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“OPACLabs is a leading enterprise technology solution provider. Guided by our strong content background and ability to create engaging UI/UX , we work with our clients to build robust, award-winning web, mobile and social media solutions for iOS, Android, Windows 8, HTML5 and more.”

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Mera Man Swadeshi - Samvaad


Enjoy more than Social Networking on this Bhartiya Swadeshi National Network.

MMS Samvaad is unique and the best Indian Social Networking app to connect with the supporters of Swadeshi Vichaar Dhara from across the country. Read and share information about Bhai Rajiv Dixit, Swadeshi Products, Gau-mata, Swadeshi Chikitsa, ..

The App also enables you to Connect and Communicate with thousands of like-minded people from across India.

- Know who is already connected from your Region and State, and from other Regions and States

- Know Regional, State and Indian National leadership

- Share your updates / information with everyone on the Network - Photos, Links, Text, etc.

- Read updates from members of different States, or from Regional, State and National Team members.

- Share information on any other popular Indian / International Social Networks

- Get notifications, exchange messages and a lot more..

Zero Budget Natural Farming


Through this group, we have strived to provide certain news, viewpoints and commentaries which have been gleamed through various sources. We will also be circulating the regular updates through mails. Any detailed study can be done by using the hyperlinks wherever provided in such mails.

All like-minded ‘Bhartiya Kisaan' are requested to kindly spread the contact details of the group and of undersigned far-and-wide so that at local level philosophy and founding principles of ZBNF are established and Bhartiya youths are encouraged to appreciate and propagate the initiative!

'ZBNF Samvaad' is a must-have Mobile App for each and every concerned Indian Kisaan as it enables you, with in minutes, to Connect and Communicate with thousands of like-minded people from across India.

  • Unlimited streaming
  • Day of leak access
  • Offline sync
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Business Productivity Tool - Now manage and monitor your business efficiently

Multi Site Inventory , Project Management & Accounting Suite.

  • Multi Site Inventory
  • Project  Management
  • Assets Management
  • Accounting  
  • Human Resource Management

  • Unlimited streaming
  • Day of leak access
  • Offline sync
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Social App

Social App is a resource of facts and principles based on critical thinking, social psychology or philosophy that we encounter in the daily life. A community created around the content allows members to participate, contribute to the site’s content and interact with other members, by sharing content, commenting on the content, and flagging content in order to improve its quality. Anyone can participate on the site. We value users’ contribution.

  • Unlimited streaming
  • Day of leak access
  • Offline sync
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The Lab Automation Solution (ezLab) provides you with the ease of operation, efficient management and monitoring of your practice.

The ezLab include all the Lab Management and Information (LMS/ LIS) capabilities at fraction of the cost of the LMS/LIS softwares. From Patient Portal, Inventory Management and SMS/Email to Machine Interface all advance features with the best in class User Interface.


  • Complete Healthcare Software Customized To Your Business Needs
  • Appointments Scheduling & Online Payment By Patients
  • Digital Prescriptions, Orders, Lab Reports & Treatment
  • Automatic Notifications & Reminders To Your Patients
  • Secure Storage For Patients Medical Records
  • Online Printable Prescriptions & Bills
  • Unlimited Users, Customer Support, Dashboard Analytics and much more..

Direct Doctor Referrals

Great new ways to get more patients and retain them, connect with doctors directly and get them to refer you to their patients. Doctors can prescribe tests online and connect their patients to you right on our platform.

Customised Lab Reports

Get convenience, style and uniqueness, all at once! We give you the option to customize your lab reports and are also willing to do it for you if need be. This ensures distinctiveness and comfort of use.

Billing and Acounting

Instant online payment gateways, prepaid payment options, discounts, refund and credit adjustments are available on our platform.

Easy Communication & Online Reports

We make communication convenient for you. Send out Lab Reports or messages to your patients about discounts, promotions and updates through quick and easy ways.

Tedious Calculations Made Easy

Our platform enables your team to be more efficient, they can just enter the values for different parameters and get test results within seconds. This not only makes the work faster but also improves accuracy.

Technicial Aspects

  • • Multi data centre backup
  • • Highest level data & processing security
  • • Lab and pharmacy direct orders
  • • HL-7

Automatic Notifications

Easy two way as well as mass communication methods, we make communication convenient for you. Send out messages to your patients about discounts, promotions and updates through quick and easy ways.

Multiple Branches And Lab Technicians

Manage multiple branches and people through one common platform, our platform helps make delegation and coordination easier. Now you can control and manage all your work and facilities with ease.

Workflow & Controls

  • • Flexible work flows
  • • Highly configurable printing of Order, Billings, Reports & Patient ID-Cards
  • • Auto-validation, error reporting
  • • Formula based calculation

  • Unlimited streaming
  • Day of leak access
  • Offline sync
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Our Workflow

Agile and Test Driven Develoment

Web & Enterprise Solutions

Laravel / OctoberCMS.. and any modern CMS

Java / J2EE

Elastic Search / Redis/ MongoDB/ LAMP/ Cloud

Mobile App Development

React Native



Enterprise grade solutions

Enterprise grade secure & scale out solutions

Advance compliance based solutions

Agile solutions with Back-end administration and Support

Healthcare, telecom, social networks, CRM

Scale out social and other web platforms

Social platforms with scale out principles

Advance user, profile, groups and hiearchial permission based solutions

advance notifications and mobile API/apps

Industry, Agile & long term solutions .

About Us

Meet our core engineering team. OPAC Labs core team has 20+ years of experience in providing enterprise grade mission critical solutions spanning multiple industry

Our Team

Always at your Terms

Lokendra Lodha

CEO/Director - OPACLabs

Passion to create high quality & 360 degree focused solutions with changing trends in IT

Amit Srivastava

Business Partner & Technology Guru

Server Side - Specialization in Cloud, Open source , next generation frameworks and stacks

Alkesh Singh

Mobile Application Lead

Specialization in iOS, Android & React Native

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